Cox Communications 

Since joining the digital team in 2014, I've touched a lot of different projects. From banners to complete revamps of .com, social ads, print, and broadcast. Here are just a few of the things I've created along the way.  Check out the Director's Cut here


College Problems

Higher education is tough enough without having to worry about slow Internet. That's the basis of this fun music video which became an anthem to college kids dealing with WiFi woes. 


People brag on social media. But 1 Gig Internet is so blistering fast, it actually makes sense to boast about it online. We tapped into the popularity of #humblebrag and had a lot of fun writing these. Huge Bonus: getting to work with amazing Chicago comics as our talent.

Live'n Large

Watching all that live TV wherever makes people feel like they're entertainment rich. 

Live'n Large Social

Live'n Large Pre-roll - We wanted to keep people's attention beyond the 'Skip' button with some literal tension. 

Live'n Large - This flowing carousel does a nice job of carrying the viewer through the experience seamlessly. 

WiFi Bouncer (Radio)

Every Emotion (Social Video)


Game of Thrones Social Quiz

Click through for your results. 

New WebMail 

The Digital Age (Social)

We created a social comic strip series to showcase our product features in a fun way. 

If Your Couch Could Talk (Social)


WiFi Hop (Rich Media Game)

My teenage self was mighty jealous as my team and I set out to create this one. You can still play it here by rolling over the banner ad.